Get Rid of Herpes Sores

An Overview Of Herpes

Herpes is a condition that is caused by the HSV, or Herpes simplex virus. It can affect the face, mouth, anal area or genital area. It is spread through direct contact with an infected person. Some people with herpes do not have any symptoms, but others develop sores in the area that has been affected by the virus.

Herpes sores have a tendency to come and go. The majority of patients will have outbreaks sporadically. This condition can be bothersome, but fortunately, there are ways that you can get rid of it. Below are some tips for getting rid of herpes:

Antiviral Medications

Doctors typically recommend antiviral medications for people who are suffering from herpes. These medications can help the sores heal during an outbreak. They can also reduce your chances of having a recurring outbreak. Additionally, taking antiviral medications can reduce your chances of spreading the infection to another person.


Acyclovir (Zovirax)

Zovirax™, Valtrex™ and Famvir™ are some of the antiviral medications that are often recommended for people who suffer from Herpes. Your physician may advise that you take your medication every day so you can minimize the risk of spreading the infection. However, some doctors advise people to only take an antiviral medication if they are experiencing an outbreak. Additionally, there are natural ways to get rid of herpes.

Essential Oils

There are quite a few home remedies that may be helpful in treating herpes. Essential oils, which are known for their skin-repairing properties, are one of the remedies that have been effective in treating this condition. You can find essential oils in just about any place that sells health foods or vitamins. Lavender oil, sunflower oil and safflower oil are examples of essential oils.

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Domeboro Powder

Domeboro powder is found in just about any pharmacy. It is made out of aluminum acetate. Aluminum acetate is an astringent. Astringents have anti-inflammatory properties and can help shrink the blisters.

Dietary Changes

Making a few changes in your diet may help reduce your chances of having a herpes outbreak. Caffeine, nuts, chocolate and grains are examples of some of the foods that you may want to change. These types of foods contain arginine, which is an amino acid may stimulate the growth of herpes sores. You should increase your intake of lysine, which is another type of amino acid.

Lysine helps counteract the effects of arginine. Meat, sweet potatoes, poultry and cantaloupe are some of the foods that are high in lysine.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is a home remedy that is used for a variety of things. It can also be used to dry up herpes sores. You will need to apply it to the areas where the sores are and add a little bit of water. The baking soda will help dry up the sores.

Black Tea

Black tea contains a group of antioxidants called tannins. These tannins have anti-inflammatory properties and can help the sores heal faster. Apply the tea bag directly to the areas with the sores. Allow it to cool down before you apply it to your skin.

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