Some Good Herpes Simplex Virus Treatments

When a person is told that they have herpes, it sometimes feels like a life sentence. After all, they have an incurable disease that they may pass on to their partner. While this is true, herpes can be treated and controlled. Using the right treatments will allow sufferers to lead a relatively normal life.

What Should People Do When They Have Been Diagnosed with Herpes?

If a doctor performs a herpes test, he or she will call the patient with the test results. When there is a positive test result, the doctor will usually ask the patient to come in and see them.

During this meeting, the doctor will prescribe medication to deal with the initial infection. Most people will first suspect something is wrong when they experience a “flu-like” illness. This infection can make a person feel very ill. Once doctors have confirmed that the illness is a result of the herpes virus entering the body, they will prescribe antibiotics. A five-day antibiotic treatment tends to be very effective. Patients should not misuse these drugs, as they are very strong. Like every other medication on the market, they also have some side effects. A small percentage of patients will experience headaches and nausea.

Next, the doctor will ask the patient to keep track of their breakouts. Those who have frequent attacks (more than 6 times per year) will need to take medication for a lengthened period of time. It is not unusual for herpes sufferers to have to take medicine twice a day for up to six months.

The medication will reduce symptoms and help keep breakouts at bay. However, patients should ensure that they follow their physician’s instructions carefully. It is important to take the right dosage at the right time and complete the course of medication. People tend to stop taking medication when they see their symptoms reducing. This is a mistake as it can cause more problems further down the line.

Some people will not be comfortable relying on powerful and expensive herpes treatment medications. People in this situation should consider trying a few different home remedies. Some examples of these are listed below:

Place an ice pack on the blisters to reduce pain. It is important to make sure that the ice does not harm the sensitive skin in this area.

– Do not allow skin to stick to skin by ensuring that the infected area is clean and dry at all times.

Rub petroleum jelly on the blisters to protect them and reduce pain.

Drink lots of water. This reduces the acidity of urine which in turn brings down the instances of burning sensations. People with a severe breakout may have to urinate while sitting in the bath.

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Genital herpes cannot be cured.  However, a combination of traditional medicine and home remedies can keep breakouts at bay. Sufferers can reduce the risk of their partner catching the infection by practicing safe sex. A good way to discuss herpes with romantic partners is to go to the doctor together and ask him/her questions about the illness.

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